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Responsive Web Design


In today’s business to business, most startup businesses disappear because they are not aware of how to carve their competitive lane in the internet world.

It is no longer enough a world where people would like to know about you and your business.  But it has to show up through Social Media and through Search engines.

Our excellent website bundle places you back in the driver seat. From dreaming of your ideal website to actually seeing your site online ready for business is an experience you will never forget.  

Let us turn your dreams into reality and build a site just for you.

Custom Software


  In every great plan we will find the right solution(s).   We listen to your ideas for creation, design, deploy and maintain your site as long as your business is open for visitors.

Once we receive your approval to begin, we quickly get to work by structuring the project outline along with developing the process for 360 analysis to measure site capabilities, effectiveness and reliability throughout the build process.  Our clients have on demand transparent access to their project status at all times.   We believe in “No Surprises.”

Mobile App


  We can all agree technology has made our life easier and comfortable. However, the technology on our devices is only as good as it’s last update.  This is why you need experts like our support team who can elevate your business’ virtual platform,  no matter the updates or the devices’ operating system like,  Apple IOS, Android, or Hybrid.   Our mobile development team is ready to streamline your mobile messaging on any device today.  

Search Engine Optimization


 At this point you have invested a lot of time and money in your website performance.  SEO is the art and science of getting pages to rank higher in search engines such as Google.

Although we cannot guarantee you will be the first advertisement that comes up on a search engine, we do promise we will do our best to increase your ranking from where you are today.

SEO was designed to increase this very thing.  Getting your pages to rank higher and showing up on time with just a few key word strokes.



    Commercial transactions conducted elect

Our E-Commerce Development Team understands how to break down this complex process in simple terms and are part of the business rules project team. What may look like a minor  difference in features and performance can have a major impact on your commerce online success.  We are an experience team of developers who understand exactly what the outcome is to look like.

Our team understands and how to develop applications for six types of e-commerce packages. Each platform represents a different purchasing dynamic.  

App Store Optimization


 App Store Optimization improves visibility of a mobile app in an app store environment. Similar to SEO, ASO is for mobile applications.  The popularity of  iTunes  App  Store and Google Play has created an explosion in The number of app stores, the amount of apps and number of downloads each app provides its users.

The basic principle of ASO, besides high rankings in the app store, is the focus on “click-through rate” (CTR). 

Logo Design


 We also provide creative services to design your company logo, We understand this can be the most important part of any company.   Let us take this burden away from your start-up plans and bring you a selection of logo demo types to choose from. 

Tagline Writing


 A tagline is a memorable phrase that represents what your company does and what it stands for.   Potential site visitors will always search using a few key words to find the business who can serve their request.   Tagline writing is more than a few words.  Taglines require each word be chosen carefully to attract as much search site visitors as possible.    

Computer Support


 A PC support technician, also known as help-desk technician or technical support specialist, assists customers and clients with issues arising from everyday computer use. Tasks involving PC support technicians can be performed either remotely or on-site.  PC support technicians have a wide array of job responsibilities, such as upgrading components of aging systems and removing viruses. A PC support technician working for software or hardware developers also assists customers with issues on specific products. 

About Our Company

From website design engines to mobile applications, we are ready to promote your business through the maze of Social Media Madness.

 OM IT Services is ready to take your small or medium size business to another level.  Let us install an edge on your business technology and digital media search engines like Google Search. 

We promise to keep you ahead of your competition. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

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